The natural environment has thrived for millions of years in perfect balance and symbiosis. The one animal that can’t seem to play nicely is humans.

We appear to believe that the planet’s resources, including trees, plants and animals, are here for our exclusive pleasure. As Dr Seuss’, Once-ler proclaimed: “There’s no cause for alarm. I chopped just one tree, I’m doing no harm. This thing is most useful! This thing is a “thneed.” A thneed, a fine something-that-all-people-need!”

The facts are clear, we’ve waged war on the environment and successfully depleted the number of species by 60% since 1970. Great work people.

But now that we’ve got so much stuff that we really did need, in fact so much stuff that we pay £20bn a year to over 3,000 warehouse storage businesses to keep it safe for us! Now that we’ve got all that, perhaps now it’s time to reflect on the damage we’ve caused and start to put some of it right. Hey, how about not paying £20bn a year and instead putting that into restoring lost habitats?