It’s closed for a reason

This morning I went for a walk through a woodland owned by the National Trust.

The woodland has numerous paths through it to various access points that all link-up.

For the past month or so one very small stretch of the path has been closed. The closure is indicated by red plastic fencing across the path and a sign that says the path is closed. Pretty obvious.

And yet this morning a man and his dog decided that instead of walking and of the two obvious detours they would walk off the path, into the woods and around the fence to continue on the path that is closed. I noticed, because I walked the detour in the same time it took them, they had to clamber into the wooded area to bypass the temporary fencing and rejoin the path again out the other side.

This kind of behaviour demonstrates a complete lack of awareness of what the National Trust might be trying to achieve. I very much doubt they went to the expense of putting up signs and fencing just to annoy people. More likely that there is a problem with erosion on that path, or more likely still, given the time of year, a bird’s nest might have spotted that is of a particular species that doesn’t like to be disturbed.